Although SheGoldCo officially launched in early 2024, it has been in the works for nearly two years. I have enjoyed every bit of the process and it has turned into a passion project along the way. I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business but got stuck on the direction I wanted to take. I needed something that I was truly passionate about because how can I sell something if I don’t fully believe in it myself? In the midst of it all, SheGoldCo was born. My dream brand.

Gold has long been apart of my culture and something my mother and grandmother took very seriously. It is something majority of the girls from my country received from their parents growing up and is encouraged by our elders for us to carry on buying whilst we come into adulthood. One day, I hope to experience passing on the jewellery my mother gave me to my own children, as well as the collection I have built myself over the years.

Growing up, I have beautiful memories of watching my mother get ready with her gold jewellery for special occasions, such as weddings. I want to encourage new generations to carry on the traditions of our parents, not only because traditions are a beautiful thing to keep alive, but also because when it comes to gold jewellery, our parents were really on to something! At a time of uncertainty in my mothers life, she knew she had her gold jewellery that was easily liquidated if she ever needed it. And though she’s never had to sell any of her jewellery, she would often tell me stories of when she would need cash but she didn’t want to sell her gold, so she would go to a reputable gold shop in her hometown and borrow against her gold. Hearing those stories ignited something within me because I never thought much of my mothers jewellery. But in actual reality, it held so much of my mothers emotions. In a time, where there was so much uncertainty in my mothers hometown, It gave her hope, confidence and made her feel beautiful upon wearing them.

With SheGoldCo, as much as I want to promote gold jewellery, I also want to encourage women to look into creating a diverse portfolio of investments. This can be in stocks, gold, real estate etc. I want to create a space/community where women feel comfortable to talk about finances and all things investments. I want our community to encourage each other to not only look into investing financially but to also invest in ourselves! That can mean investing the time to workout, doing our skin care, investing in our health and well-beings! Because overall, the most important investment you can make, is in yourself! So in order to make wise decisions whilst investing financially, make sure you’re taking care of yourself bestie.

An important goal for SheGoldCo is, to not only be a brand you want to support because our jewellery is amazing but the brand you want to be
a part of because of what we stand for.
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Until then, enjoy our first collection ‘Infinity’ which highlights our brand values, gold is forever. 

With love always, SheGoldCo x